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To apply for the Logan Stroud Foundation scholarship, click below to download and complete the attached application and return to Kelly Teague at Jay M. Robinson High School, 300 Pitts School Rd, Concord, NC 28027

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Welcome to the Logan Stroud Foundation!

LoganLogan was a great spirit and loved life to the fullest.It was a warm September evening when the phone call came in from Carolina’s Medical Center in Concord. The voice on the other end asked if I was Logan’s mom. After replying yes, she stated I needed to get to the hospital right away, Logan had been in a car accident. The only thing I remember saying was “is he ok”. I will never forget her saying he was in serious condition and I need to get to the hospital right away. This is the phone call a parent never wants to get and you always wonder what would you do. Words cannot even begin to describe the emotions at that time. As the hours went by, family and friends gathered and we prayed for a miracle that Logan would be ok, but it was not meant to be. The brain injury was just too severe. Logan lived 26 hours after the accident but the swelling on the brain could not be stopped. Most of his other organs were not harmed and in the next few days were used to save six lives as Logan was an organ donor. Logan was a very kind and giving young man and he still keeps on giving and will never be forgotten!

To know Logan was to love Logan as he laughed, he smiled and he lit up a room. He never met a stranger and would help anyone, anytime. His friends described him as the best friend ever and someone you could always count on to be there for you and to make you laugh and smile. Logan loved music and singing was a big part of his life. Through his generous spirit, Logan touched so many in such a short time and will always be in our hearts and Forever 18. We love you Logan and miss you very much!!